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Quit smoking online

Allen Carr's Easyway has been going strong for over 30 years and helped millions of smokers to escape from nicotine addiction easily and permanently. 

Our simple, drug-free approach is entirely unlike conventional cessation methods that rely on substitution and will power. Instead, Allen Carr's Easyway tackles the core beliefs that make quitting difficult. We enable smokers to radically change the way they think and feel about smoking, so the desire to smoke is removed. And with no desire to smoke there is simply no need for either nicotine replacements or will power.

Our webcast is the most popular and most convenient way of experiencing Allen Carr's Easyway program. 


"I did it, and so can you. I can show you how to find it easy to stop smoking."

        Damian O'Hara, Allen Carr's Easyway webcast host

What it is

The webcast is a video-on-demand format complete quit smoking program. It is presented by our most experienced seminar facilitator, who has personally helped over 5000 smokers including many household names, 

The webcast is split into six parts, averaging around thirty five minutes, creating a total length of three and half hours. It has been designed to be watched in one sitting, with a smoke-break between each segment, up until the ritual "final cigarette" at the end of Part 5. If you are unable to watch in one day, we suggest watching Parts 1-3 one day, and Parts 4-6 the following day. Once you start viewing you will have unlimited access to all parts for one month.

 "I was a hardcore smoker but I quit by watching your webcast and it was the easiest thing I ever did. It's been nine months now and I know i'll never smoke again. I truly don't know how to thank you. D.J. Sullivan, NV 

is it easy to use?

The webcast is viewable on all devices. If you've ever watched videos on YouTube then you know what to do! Just click on the play button and view! The only requirement is for broadband (high speed) internet connection.

Try before you buy…watch these webcast clips free of charge

Do smokers have addictive personalities?
Do smokers lack will power?

The benefits of smoking?
Smoking and concentration

proven success. instant access. why wait any longer? 

 …next, how it works ? 

  • Quit smoking in 4 hours
  • Available 24/7 worldwide
  • Fast, effective, convenient
  • Our most popular product 
  • Cost £99



Thank you for freeing me of the addiction, I am now very happy and I cannot believe how easy it was to do :-)

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