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Become a non-smoker in 4 hours

The webcast works in much the same way as the seminar - by exploding the myths and illusions surrounding smoking. The objective of the webcast is to completely remove the desire to smoke, because with no desire to smoke, it doesn’t take willpower to quit.

It sounds ridiculously simple, but it works. Over the past 25 years over 10m smokers have quit easily and enjoyably using this simple, drug-free approach.

In the webcast you will learn:

  • Why willpower doesn’t work when it comes to quitting smoking
  • How nicotine tricks our brains when we first start smoking
  • How to see through the nicotine 'trick' and lose the desire to smoke
  • The easy way to stop smoking
  • How to love life as a non-smoker with no feeling of regret or deprivation
  • How to avoid putting on weight when you quit

The webcast is split into six segments, averaging around thirty five minutes, creating a total length of three and half hours.

It has been designed to be watched in one sitting, with a smoke-break between each segment, up until the ritual "final cigarette" at the end of Part five. For those unable to watch in one sitting, we suggest watching Parts 1-3 one day, and Parts 4-6 the following day.

Buying the webcast gives you unlimited viewing access for all segments for a period of one month. 

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I haven’t had the desire to have a cigarette since the day after watching the web-cast. I’ve been nicotine free for 18 days now and surprisingly, I don’t miss it.
Linda C, Canada
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